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Ask any ‘web marketing guru’ what the most important tool available to businesses is and they will almost always rank email marketing as one of the top strategies a local business can use to increase profits.

So why is that?

Well, for starters, email marketing has an incredibly high ROI. That’s because it costs barely anything to collect emails or to write emails when compared to other forms of marketing while offering fantastic returns. What’s more, email marketing is highly targeted meaning that the audience you’re reaching is going to be very engaged and much more likely to buy from you. Email marketing allows you to reach your audience whenever you want and directly in their inbox. It’s highly personal and direct and as a result it tends to facilitate the sale of those ‘big ticket’ items much more effectively.

Still not convinced? Then consider the following statistics:

  • Email marketing has a ROI of 4,300%

  • 91% of potential customers check their email daily

  • When surveyed, most companies rank email marketing as more profitable than any other form of web marketing – including direct marketing, social media or PPC

  • 1/3rd of consumers will open emails based on the headline alone

  • 66% of consumers over the age of 15 have bought at least one item as the direct result of an email campaign

Let Us Implement Email Marketing For You

What Makes Great Email Marketing

A Proven Prospect Funnel

All of the statistics above should demonstrate the potential power and effectiveness of email marketing. But to reap these benefits, you need to ensure you are approaching your marketing from the right angle and that means understanding the process.

The most important part of email marketing campaign is the quality of the list. Your list will comprise two major categories and then sub-categories. The two major categories are fairly obvious, those who know, like and trust your company, and all others.

The first list, those who know like and trust you are much easier to get a response from.  They want to hear what you have to say.  The second list needs to be moved into the first list through consistent communication. Building that communication is an  art form.  Luckily for you we have the experience to handle it.

It’s not enough to simply send out emails to any and all email addresses you can find – instead you need to focus on capturing the emails of people who perfectly match your target demographic. These are people who are interested in what you have to sell, who have the available funds and who read emails. Most importantly, these are people who you have already built a relationship with and who are receptive to your message.

Also crucial is the quality of the emails themselves. You need to ensure that your messages are getting opened rather than ending up in the trash, and you need to ensure that those messages are delivering value so that your future emails get opened to. Most of all, you need effective calls to action when it matters so that you can convert your audience into paying customers.

The steps are to determine your audience, create a trust builder, create a funnel for initial contact, create a funnel for secondary contact, build a call to action for each piece of communication and finally provide the product or service.  Then do it all over again!


Why Use Online Visibility for Email Marketing?

When you choose Online Visibility for your email marketing, we ensure that you get the very best service around. We will help to devise a strategy that helps you to capture only the very best and most relevant emails without frustrating your visitors. Then we’ll help you to build trust and authority so that your messages get opened and so that you get effectively generate hype and ultimately see amazing conversions that result in amazing turnover and profits.


  • List Quality

    Email is an excellent form of lead generation when it is done right. The first thing you need is a quality list. When working with people you already know, (we call that a warm list) you don’t need to worry too much about bounce rates or open rates.  When trying to add to your list, you will typically be sending out emails to those who do not know you yet ( a cold email list).  The quality of the list you start with is primary. If you send out emails to a cold list that they perceive to be spam, you will create many problems.  We help you determine the best list to use. We specialize in working with business owners marketing to other business owners.

  • Tagging or Segmentation

    Once you start working with a list you need a way to easily tag the list and track the results of your email.  For instance, you create a sequence of 3 emails to go out describing your product or service. The first 100 go out and 10 people open your email and click through. You do not want those 10 to receive the next emails in the series. You need to tag the names as opened, clicked and take them of this sequence and move them to another.

Get in touch today and we’ll discuss the process with you in more detail and provide a completely free price quote.

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