What is a Digital Display Ad?

A Digital Display Ad is a marketing piece consisting of an image, text and some type of call to action inside a formatted box. You have seen these ads in many places. They can be found on almost any website that sells advertising space. There are over 16 sizes of display ads that may be generated. 

The common types of Digital Display Ads are branding, reputation, holiday, event, and sale.

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Where do I put A Digital Display Ad?

Digital Display ads are perfect for your own website.  The FREE ad we build for you if you click the link above, will be formatted to go on your website.  You can use that ad to tell a visitor about your special offer, a discount for new customers, to show off your 5 star reputation or as a branding tool.  We find that starting with a reputation ad is a great strategy.

You may also choose to place those ads on a website that your target audience may visit so when they go to that website they see your reputation ad or your special offer ad.  This also reminds the visitor to come back to your site (Retargeting).

You can see more examples of Digital Display Ads on these websites:

What is Website Retargeting?

Website retargeting is a strategy that can be used within a smart Digital Display Ad campaign in order to bring previous visitors back to a website. Have you ever been shopping for something online, not purchased, then seen that item over and over when you went to other websites?  You were “retargeted” or “remarketed”. Both terms are similar.  

Only 96% of the visitors to your website engage on the first visit!

You spent time and money driving traffic to your website.  You may have an awesome deal, but the person will not be buying for 3o/60/90 days so they move on.  How do you get that customer back? ~ Retargeting

How do you remind past customers that you are still in business when you may not have gathered their contact info? ~ Retargeting

How Does Retargeting work?

Someone Visits Your Site

All Visitors Get Pixel Code

Market to Your Visitors on Other Websites

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